Search Google or Type a URL (2022 Update)

5 min readApr 22, 2022

Finding a web page containing the information you are interested in is easier, faster, and more accurate with a powerful search engine like Google. The routine action is to fire up your browser, type a phrase into the search box, and walk through the search results.

If you are using a web browser, such as Google Chrome, you may have noticed that the address bar can be used for more than just searching for web pages. Chrome’s search box isn’t just an address bar; it is a multifunctional tool that you can use to improve your productivity. You may have heard about some of the built-in tools that this address bar includes. Google redirects its browser to Search Google or type a URL of your choice.

Every time you open a fresh tab in the Chrome browser, a search box or address bar (also known as Omnibox) appears on the Google home page across all devices where you have installed the web browser. You will see “Search Google or type a URL” as the default sentence displaying inside the address bar.

Literally, Search Google or type a URL means that you have got two options to continue using Chrome. In this case, you can either type a keyword of what you want to search into the Omnibox and click Enter to see the search results or enter the specific website’s URL for a quick visit.

How to Search for a Specific Word or Phrase in Google

You have probably been in a situation, many times, that when looking for a specific word (e.g., best PDF converters) in the Chrome browser, you received suggestions for various websites, after going to which it turned out that there is so much content that you are not able to find the originally searched phrase at all.

After all, walking through page by page is a waste of time. So, what can be done?

It is worth knowing that the Chrome Omnibox is used to search for information — you do not need to open the page of your favorite search engine, just enter the selected word or phrase in the address bar and press Enter key.

How to Search a Website in Google

When it comes to searching a website, typing a URL is the quickest way, in our case, for example, not only on the currently displayed page, but searching for all the subpages that this address contains.

Just add “” (or any domain name you want to search) after your search term and you will get all occurrences of that term in that particular site. The results from the rest of the Search Engine Results Pages ( SERP) will be filtered out.

Google Autocomplete Predictions

The phrases that appear in Google autocomplete predictions are based on the popularity of the searched words. The auto-complete algorithm works on its own whether you are using Search Google or typing a URL. Sometimes it may happen that after entering the query, the proposed predictions will not appear. This happens when the search term is fairly new, not very popular, or in violation of Google policies.

Google autocomplete prediction is an integral and permanently built-in function of the Google search engine, the legitimacy of which is based on making it easier for users to search for the most relevant information as soon as possible. Google allows us to exclude threads that are very popular — thanks to this, the pool of hints in the autocomplete will immediately become visibly smaller.

The address window in the browser is both its search box, and you can dynamically customize and drag tabs. The entire program creates a very good impression. It also has one more feature that is very useful when surfing the internet.

Voice Search Method

Apart from the mentioned Search Google or type a URL methods. For some time now, it has also been possible to search with your voice. This method is applicable both to mobile devices and computers. To start with, you must first run it on your device. To do this, click the microphone icon in Chrome’s search bar.

Google will ask for permission to use the device’s microphone. After selecting the “allow” option, click the microphone icon on the search bar again and then say the search phrase with the microphone. Google guides the user through the voice search process with appropriate messages. After asking a question, the search engine displays matching results accordingly.

Did you know that you can also add extensions to Chrome to improve the Omnibox other than Search Google or type a URL? There are more handy tools that give you extra functionality so you can spend less time browsing options and windows.

What if Google has a lot more for you when it comes to searching for information and you don’t know it yet? From this article, you have learned how to make it easier to work with the browser with the Search Google or type a URL feature, what to do to get even more refined results. You will learn more tricks to make your everyday usage of the web easier in day-to-day interaction with Google.

It is a really quick and easy way to Search Google or type a URL for any website on the Internet that will provide more meaningful results for a specific topic. I have dozens of these searches set up, which reduces the amount of time I spend digging through the results exponentially. You just need to modify the search string for your specific needs.

In Conclusion

We use Search Google or type a URL methods the most frequently to narrow down the search results. In addition to the advanced search methods in Google, there are also a number of other facilities, such as Image Search, which you can find on the official Google website.

As you can see, the Google search engine gives users ready-made tools to streamline the search process and make it more effective. The Silicon Valley giant is still working on making bots better at interpreting our queries. Therefore, I suspect that the list of features presented here will get longer and longer.

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