How to Password Protect an Excel File [Step by Step Guide]

How to Password Protect an Excel File within Excel

Adding passwords to Excel files is an easy and useful way to keep outsiders from editing or stealing data in your documents. An Excel file can be protected in many ways, among which Microsoft Excel proves to be a reliable approach, together with its built-in capabilities. Let’s dive into how to password protect an Excel file:

Extra Security Options in Microsoft Excel

You may have noticed that Microsoft Excel also offers six different ways to safeguard your Excel files from all aspects.

How to Password Protect an Excel File with System

If you’re confused about these different ways of adding passwords to your Excel sheets, there’s also a more flexible way to achieve this which is offered by your system.

The Bottom Line

It’s never a hassle to add passwords to Excel files, especially when they contain some sensitive messages. Of course, the most important thing is that you need to make sure you remember all passwords correctly. After all, it’s almost impossible to access the file without the password.



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