How to Password Protect a Word Document

What Is Password Protection?

Password protection is the practice of encrypting a digital document, device, or account with a password, generally, a string of characters, to prevent access by people or channels that have not been identified and allowed.

How to Password Protect a Word Document

By Microsoft Word

As Microsoft Word has encryption, it is convenient to access the feature directly to encrypt a Word document. Considering there are some tiny differences between the software on Windows and Mac, we will introduce the steps in the two operating systems respectively.

By PDF Software

Though it is convenient to use Microsoft Word to directly password protect Word documents, Word does not support batch encryption. That being so when you need to batch encrypt several Word documents, it would be a great bother to set passwords for each of them one by one.

Importance of Password Protection

Passwords definitely offer a good protection from unauthorized access to your sensitive documents so that you can avoid the possibility of information leaking to the best of your ability.

Notes for Password Protecting a Word Document

A short and simple password is easy to be figured out with the help of some password cracking tools.


Word documents are necessary for many businesses now due to the widespread use of Microsoft Word, the industry-leading. Meanwhile, the awareness to protect sensitive business documents and private information keeps growing. Therefore, it is important to know how to password protect a Word document.



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