How to Create a Link to a PDF in 3 Quick Ways

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A link to a PDF document is typically created as clickable highlighted text, icon, image, or URL. By clicking the link, you can access and open the PDF directly. To create a link to a PDF, there are two main cases to consider. One is to add a link in a PDF to link the file to another PDF. The other is to create a link for a PDF to copy and share the PDF as a link.

No matter what you link a PDF file for, learning quick and easy ways can help you improve efficiency. In this article, we share step-by-step guides on how to create a link to a PDF in the mentioned cases. Read on to perform the task without delay using a PDF editor or an online free service.

How to Create a Link to a PDF with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a compact and fast PDF editing application. It can be leveraged to make a link to a PDF within a PDF document. The ability to add links to a PDF also allows you to create a link to a specific page in the PDF. In addition, the software can help link a PDF to many other types of files or web pages. You are able to edit and delete the links at any time.

In terms of how to create a link to a PDF within your PDF document, here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Get SwifDoo PDF for free and open your PDF file with it;

Step 2: Click Edit on the top to choose the Link option and select Add or edit link;

Step 3: Draw a rectangular space where you need to create a link, and the Add Links dialogue box will appear;

Step 4: Select Open a Web or Open a File, enter the PDF link address or select a PDF from your device, then tap OK to create a link pointing to an external PDF.

After you create a link to a PDF, click where the link is added and the linked PDF file will be opened. The “Open a Web” option lets you create a link to open an online downloadable PDF document. Or, you can choose “Open a File” to create a link to open a PDF file stored on your computer.

If needed, you can use SwifDoo PDF’s PDF to HTML converter to turn a PDF into an HTML file to share and open. The software also has tools to edit and add text and images in a PDF, convert, and add attachments to PDF documents. This is an all-in-one PDF software application for Windows.

How to Create a Link to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

To figure out how to create a link to a PDF, you can turn to the Adobe Acrobat software. The world’s top PDF software allows you to add hyperlinks to an existing PDF. It also has the feature to create a link for a PDF for sharing the PDF as a URL. The method of creating a link inside a PDF with Adobe Acrobat is similar to that with SwifDoo PDF. Here are the steps you can take to do this.

Step 1: Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, and choose Tools > Edit PDF;

Step 2: Click Link in the upper toolbar to select Add/Edit Web or Document Link;

Step 3: Drag to draw a box where you want to create a link, choose Open a file or Open a web page, then create a link to a PDF to link the opened PDF to another.

To make a PDF a shareable link:

Step 1: Drag and drop a PDF file into Adobe Acrobat to open it;

Step 2: Hit the Share a link to this file icon in the top right corner;

Step 3: Click Create Link in the pop-up small window.

Following the above guide, you can create a link to a PDF in a flash. Once you’ve done, the link will be copied automatically, and you can send it out. The recipients can click the shared link to view and comment on the PDF in Adobe Document Cloud.

How to Create a URL Link for a PDF Document with Google Drive

Google Drive is an online free file storage service developed by Google. The cloud-based platform offers users a feature to create a link to a PDF. It enables you to copy and paste the created PDF link to any place or person. The recipients can access the PDF file via the URL in any browser from any device. This is particularly useful for document sharing and collaboration.

Check out how to create a link to a PDF in Google Drive.

Step 1: Log into your Drive account on the web and go to New > File upload to upload a PDF file;

Step 2: Right-click on the PDF in the files list to choose Get link;

Step 3: Tap the Copy link button in the window that appears to create a link for the PDF online for free.

Google Drive is more than a PDF link generator. If you use Google Docs and Google Sheets, follow the same process to create a link for a Google Doc or Google Sheets file.


With PDF documents increasingly becoming universal in daily life and work, it’s common for a person to wonder how to create a link to a PDF. Whether you need to add links in PDFs or create a PDF link to send, this article has you covered. On Windows, SwifDoo PDF is the best solution for hyperlinking a page, web page, or PDF in a PDF file. To create a link for a PDF on Mac, Adobe Acrobat is helpful. Or, you can upload your PDF to Google Drive to create a URL.

If you regularly edit PDF files, SwifDoo PDF is the ultimate productivity software to use. Compared to Adobe, it’s much more budget-friendly. Try it for 15 days for free.

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