How to Combine PDF Files on Windows and Mac

What Program Do I Need to Combine Files in PDF Format?

Perhaps you’ve heard of or used the industry leader — Adobe Acrobat before but we are going to introduce how to combine PDF files without Acrobat. As you may find, the big size and expensive subscription fee make it not the ideal choice for many people.

How to Combine PDF Files on Windows

SwifDoo PDF

  • Combine selected pages in a PDF or an entire PDF with another
  • Batch combine multiple PDF files into one and rearrange the pages
  • Small and easy to use

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac


Final Thoughts

This post is compiled to tackle how to combine PDF files on Windows and Mac PC with offline software. You can browse the software’s profiles and the tutorials for merging PDFs to decide which to use. To combine small files or a small number of files, open-source free programs are enough. SwifDoo PDF allows you to quickly combine large and a lot of PDF files together. It also helps combine JPG, PNG, TIFF and other images into a PDF, and convert and split PDFs, etc.

Common FAQ

Can I combine protected PDF files?



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