Free Ways to Do PDF Word Count

Do Word Count in PDF with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is in the business of helping PDF users manage and manipulate their documents without a hassle. You can utilize the program to edit, convert, split, compress PDFs, etc. It acts as a PDF word count tool that can count the number of pages, words, and characters with/without spaces and lines in a PDF. The tiny size and quick response make it stand out from other PDF software.

Google Docs Word Counter

Anyone having a Google account can use Google Drive and Google Docs online for free. Google Docs works in a similar manner to Word, with which you can compose your file by typing and formatting text. The Google Docs service enables you to open a PDF file in a browser and count the number of words in just a few clicks. It also functions as a page and character counter.

Count Words of a PDF in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2013 or a later version is a free PDF word counter for its users. It can open a PDF and automatically present the total number of words in the file in the status bar. The component of the Office suite also counts a string of text when you select them. Find out the quick method to do a word count for a PDF.

PDF Word Count Online

We would like to introduce another word count tool, Word Count for counting words in a PDF file on all operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It calculates the number of words in your novels, cover letters, blog posts, and all your written documents online for free. The statistics report will display the frequency of the most used words in a PDF. That is particularly helpful for those content marketers to understand keywords’ density and repetition rate.

How to Do PDF Word Count with Chrome Extension

Chrome extensions or plugins are small programs that you can install from Chrome Web Store to add more functionalities to the browser. They are developed to run in Chrome but not on your local desktop or other locations. Word Counter Plus is one of the best Chrome extensions enabling you to count the words in a PDF. Additionally, it tells you the number of characters as well as the average word length.


Counting words in a PDF is not as simple as in a Word file, but not frustrating anymore with a proper word calculator. Furthermore, a PDF word count tool such as SwifDoo PDF allows you to perform a series of related tasks to control over your PDF better. Get the mentioned methods to do the word count in your PDF in nearly all cases.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Ways to Do PDF Word Count

Can you do a word countin Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro?



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