5 Easy Methods to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

Insert PDF into PowerPoint as an Object

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful slide show presentation program for conveying visual information to audiences. It allows users to custom animations, embed photos, videos and audio, etc. Whether using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016 or PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, you can make use of the productivity software to insert your PDF into PowerPoint.

Insert a PDF into PowerPoint as a Link

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to add a link to a slide. This feature makes it possible to insert your PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation on your Windows and Mac devices. It can also link your presentation slide to a web address or email address when needed. Check how to insert your PDF into PowerPoint as a link.

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint as Slides

If you wish to insert a PDF page into a PowerPoint file as a slide, a quick way is to use a PDF to PowerPoint converter. SwifDoo PDF enables you to convert a PDF to PowerPoint slides with overall formatting and layout preserved, so you can copy and paste the slides from the converted file to another PowerPoint document or extract the necessary content. It supports batch converting several PDFs in one go.

Insert PDF as Images in Microsoft PowerPoint

Inserting a PDF into PowerPoint as an image can be accomplished natively in the Microsoft PowerPoint software. Its Screenshot tool provides a way to capture the PDF and attach the screenshot to a slide. This method applies to those who just need to insert part of a PDF page into a PowerPoint/PPT file.

To Sum Up

Whether you intend to insert a whole PDF file or copy only some information from it into PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint and SwifDoo PDF will help do the job with no bother. You can insert a multiple-page PDF into a PowerPoint slide as an object, link, or image as you like. Furthermore, SwifDoo PDF allows you to compress a PDF into a smaller size if you feel it’s too heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Easy Methods to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

If you fail to insert a PDF document into a PowerPoint file, it’s perhaps because the PDF is opened in some program, and you need to go to Task Manager to close the relevant program.



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