3 Best PDF Size Reducers in 2022 | Compress PDFs for Free

#1. SwifDoo PDF: The Best PDF Size Reducer

Though SwifDoo PDF is a newcomer on the market, it’s qualified to be one of the best PDF file size reducers. SwifDoo PDF makes it easy to compress a PDF file with ideal results. In addition, for Windows users, SwifDoo PDF remains the best choice because it’s perfectly compatible with all Windows operating systems.

  • No payment is required. SwifDoo PDF requires no payments for using all its features for the first fifteen days. During this free trial period, you’ll have a complete experience with this program, then determine whether to pay it or not.
  • High compression speed. SwifDoo PDF reduces PDF file size in seconds. Even if the file size is extremely large, you don’t have to waste too much time compressing PDF documents.
  • Clean and simple design. SwifDoo PDF designs its interface as clean and simple as possible. Even a new user can get familiar with the software in several minutes.
  • Security guaranteed. SwifDoo PDF uses 256-bit SSL encryption to secure your files from information leakage. It won’t save users’ documents for any usage.
  • No ads are displayed. When opening its website or using the desktop program, you won’t get annoyed by any advertisements.

#2. Smallpdf: An Online PDF File Size Reducer

Smallpdf can be one of the most well-known PDF editors on the market. It has gained many users since its release. Smallpdf also integrates many PDF-related features, with both an online and an offline version available.

  • It offers a comprehensive online service that saves the trouble of downloading any desktop software.
  • Smallpdf integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox which makes it convenient to utilize.
  • It works well on all platforms and supports over ten languages.

#3. Reduce Your PDF File Size in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is almost the most popular office software all over the world. It has gained countless users and sees a rising tendency toward potential users.

  • By using Word, you don’t have to download any other software or pay for them.
  • As one of the most welcoming office applications, you don’t have to worry about any information leakage.
  • The formatting of the original PDF file may get disordered.
  • For a text-only PDF document, the file size has no significant change.

The Bottom Line

To put it simply, you’d better avail yourself of a specialized PDF size reducer to compress a PDF file. PDF compression comes much easier now because there are many tools that can help shrink PDF documents. In this article, we’ve listed three PDF file size reducers from different aspects. You can choose one according to your actual needs. To sum it up, we highly recommend SwifDoo PDF thanks to its unlimited free tasks and simple operation. Try it now!



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